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Benefits of SDEN to developers

Reductions in construction costs
Increased lettable floor area
Enables developers to better meet planning regulations
Reduced exposure to green taxes & levies
Avoids ongoing heating plant maintenance
Resilience of multiple heat sources
Participation in an innovative scheme that will deliver significant carbon savings

Our Vision

We are pleased to introduce SDEN, a truly ground-breaking initiative that will ultimately deliver low carbon supplies of hot water for heating and domestic hot water uses across South London.

Our ambition is to utilise local sources of heat to become a key supplier of low carbon heating in South London.

SDEN will significantly reduce fossil fuel use, contributing towards our goal of lowering our carbon emissions.

Phase one is now complete, once phase two is complete we will be supplying power to 805 homes at the New Mill Quarter development, in Hackbridge.

Next we will look to expand the network across the wider Borough. We want to work with you to tap into this sustainable, low carbon supply.

How SDEN will work for your development

SDEN uses renewable and low carbon fuel sources initially using waste heat from the existing landfill gas engines in Beddington. Then, once the Beddington Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) is connected to the New Mill Quarter site, it will use heat produced by the plant.

This heat (in the form of hot water) is be transported through highly insulated pipes to customers in new developments. There is the potential to serve some existing developments if it proves cost effective.

The heat is delivered to your development in exactly the same as a conventional heating or hot water system which would use a boiler with either radiators or underfloor heating. It is just the source of heat that is different, being supplied into your development from our off-site heat sources rather than an individual boiler in your property.

SDEN offers better reliability compared to conventional heat supplies. When our off-site low-carbon sources of heat are occasionally offline for maintenance, supplies of hot water will be maintained from our backup and top-up boilers.

Inside the properties this hot water from our network goes through a Heating Interface Unit (HIU) which supplies homes with hot water for your hot taps and shower and for your central heating. The amount of heat energy taken from our network is controlled by the customers through the controller in their home.

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