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What is a Decentralised Energy Network?

A decentralised energy network is a method of distributing energy locally to maximise efficiency using sources of energy in that area. There are many decentralised energy network projects being developed across the UK. A significant number of these are being supported by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. The graphic below illustrates how SDEN works in your area.

How it works in your home

The heat is delivered to you in exactly the same way as a conventional heating or hot water system which would use a boiler to heat your radiators. It is just the source of heat that is different, being supplied into your home from our off-site heat sources rather than an individual boiler.

The amount of heat energy taken from our network is controlled by you through the controller in your home.

When our off-site low-carbon sources of heat are occasionally offline for maintenance, supplies of hot water will be maintained from our stored hot water tanks and also backup and top-up boilers.

Inside your property, hot water from our network goes through a Heating Interface Unit (HIU) which supplies your home with hot water for your hot taps, shower and for your central heating, before returning to our network.

The amount of heat energy you use is recorded by a meter, in exactly the same way as a conventional gas supply.

Benefits of your service

Maintenance and repairs

If you have an issue with your HIU or meter, you can arrange a visit at no extra charge. We cover the cost of maintaining, repairing and replacing your equipment (T’s & C’s apply).

Price parity

Our energy is priced fairly and is comparable with the total cost of gas in an individual domestic boiler including the cost of running, maintaining and replacing that boiler.

Continuous supply

Providing you with a continuous supply of heat and hot water.

Social benefits

Any profits made by SDEN will be reinvested into services for Sutton residents.

The wider vision for your energy network

Work is currently underway to connect the New Mill Quarter site to the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at Beddington Lane. This will use energy that would otherwise go to waste. We will also source energy from local landfill gas engines.

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