Tariffs and

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Comparable pricing for all our customers

Our charges are set to be comparable with the cost of generating heat from an individual boiler, which includes the cost of gas, as well as the costs of running, maintaining and replacing a boiler.

Each year, SDEN may conduct an annual price review, which is made in agreement with the developer of your property, Barratt David Wilson Homes/Barratt London.

Details of our pricing policy can be viewed here.

Our unit charge

To maintain price parity we charge a fixed rate based upon national consumer price indices and labour cost, plus a variable rate that tracks wholesale gas prices.

The unit charge is 7.214p per kWh incl. VAT at 5% from 1st April 2023.

Our standing charge

1 bedroom

£1.129Per day
(approximately £412 per annum)

2 bedroom

£1.147Per day
(approximately £419 per annum)

3 bedroom

£1.163Per day
(approximately £425 per annum)

4 bedroom

£1.181Per day
(approximately £431 per annum)

Our simplified payments process

It’s now even easier to pay your bills with more options online.