SDEN: How it works

SDEN will use energy generated by our new Energy Recovery Facility to provide low-carbon heating and hot water to homes and businesses in Sutton and neighbouring boroughs.

It also has the potential to harness energy from other businesses which is currently wasted.

The majority of other decentralised energy networks across the UK use fossil fuels in high-efficiency energy generation plants to generate heat. We are different because we would be using low carbon heat so we are truly sustainable: environmentally, socially, and economically.

This heat will be delivered as hot water, which can be used to meet the heating and hot water requirements.

We will be laying a network of highly insulated steel pipes to deliver the hot water to our customers.

This system will ensure there are minimal energy losses in our network and the pipes will be buried in the ground at a depth of approximately one metre. The pipes will have a lifespan of over 50 years.

The amount of heat energy taken from our network is controlled by users – exactly the same as heating or hot water system fed from a boiler located in the building.

Inside the property, the method used to deliver heating can remain the same whether it is radiators or under floor heating.

The network also offers better resilience compared to conventional heat supplies. When the low-carbon sources of heat are occasionally offline for maintenance, supplies of hot water will be maintained from our backup and top-up boilers.

We will be installing thermal stores around the network to ensure that we can use as much of the low-carbon heat as possible when these sources are offline.