SDEN – Benefits of SDEN

SDEN – Benefits to the community

Very low carbon content – Our heat supplies are almost zero carbon, helping Sutton to achieve its One Planet Living targets.

Profits invested into services – Any profits will be re-invested into services for Sutton’s residents and businesses.

Resilient supplies – We will provide a constant supply of hot water.

Price parity – SDEN will offer price parity with the cost of gas in an individual boiler from other energy suppliers as well as the cost of running, maintaining and replacing that boiler.

No green premium – Our extremely green supplies come at no additional cost.

Employment – Building and operating the network will create at least 20 new jobs.

Integrating other heat sources – We have the opportunity to harness heat from other businesses, helping them to lower their carbon footprint.

SDEN – Benefits for developers

Reductions in construction costs.

Increased lettable floor area.

Enables developers to meet planning regulations more easily.

Reduced exposure to green taxes & levies.

Avoids ongoing heating plant maintenance.

Better resilience than conventional heat suppliers.

Participation in an innovative scheme that will deliver significant carbon savings.